Buses and Minivans

Neoplan Cityliner

350 AZN / 130 AZN

  • City Tour: 350 AZN
  • Transfer: 130 AZN
Sürücüsüz avtomobil sifariş etmək üçün +994773949197 nömrəsi ilə əlaqə saxlayın. Sürücü ilə avtomobil və ya avtobus sifariş etmək üçün isə +994703949194 nömrəsi ilə əlaqə saxlayın.


Terms of rent

Year: 2012

Class: Buses and Minivans

Transmission: Mechanic

Price: 350 AZN / day

Engine: L

Fuel: Diesel

  • Deposit: 200 AZN
  • Minimum age: 24
  • Prepayment for rent
  • Driving license
  • ID card
  • Driving experience: 2 Year

Conditions for car rent in Baku:
Neoplan Cityliner 2012

To rent Neoplan Cityliner 2012 in Baku you should meet the following conditions and leave documents specified below

You must have a driver's license for at least 2 years to hire a Neoplan Cityliner 2012 in Baku from AFN Transport.

The deposit amount for renting a Neoplan Cityliner 2012 in Baku from AFN Transport is 200 AZN

To book a car in Baku and Azerbaijan, you must have a driver's license and an identity card.

Yes, you can book a Neoplan Cityliner 2012 in Baku with a passport, a driver's license valid in all countries, provided you are 24 years old and have had a driver's license for more than 2 years.

All rental cars of AFN Transport have comprehensive and compulsory insurance. In case of an accident, our contact number, which provides 24/7 service, will help you in this regard.

Having a large enough car garage, AFN Transport provides delivery to any part of the country. 24/7 service is also available for a car hire in Baku.